Canon – “It was Love at first sight!”

Canon - Love at first sight

The Original Animation of the PowerShot G1 X Camera

We think you'll find the story behind this animation touching. It all started with Bernhard, Still In Motion's Creative Director, and his childhood:

Interview with Bernhard Rieder

Creative Director at Still In Motion

Still In Motion: What inspired the creation of the Love at First Sight piece?

Bernhard: When I was a young child, my brother was a sports photographer. He was a reporter for Soccer games in Austria. He taught me when I was very young how to use cameras, starting with an old film camera. He showed me everything about how to use the camera, shutter speed, the lens, ISO, and on top of that we had our own darkroom. He showed me to develop the film from a negative like in a real film studio! So that was how it all started.

I was falling in love with photography. I realized "Wow, I can use this for making movies!" Having a real lens was so cool. I was 9 years old when I started, and I learned everything who knew what he was going! He was a big Canon Fan. Then, later on I got my own Canon camera as a birthday gift from him, and started doing more and more photography! And that's how it started.


"I was falling in love at first sight with a Canon camera!"


Still In Motion: Awesome! Can you tell us about the specific animation. How was that made?

Bernhard: It was very simple. That's the beauty of CGI, because in physical reality, the photographer would have to set up the entire studio environment. They would have to get the lighting and mood just right, plus having the real product! In CGI, you can have all lenses, all exposure settings, and even create camera moves inside the product and make some cool shots. It's all possible. Looking back as a boy, I was falling in love with Canon, right? Falling in Love at First Sight. *laughs* I was thinking "Lets add the perfect song, make some nice camera moves, and showcase the camera." Super simple, sexy and sweet.

Still In Motion: The combination of the Jazz with the slow, sensual visuals made for quite the experience.

Bernhard: Keep it simple and clean. Don't over-complicate it if you don't need to.

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