“Let’s Celebrate Soccer” – Original Animation

"Let's Celebrate Soccer"

Original Animation, Inspired by Pelé's Historic Bicycle Kick

It all started in 1968 in the soccer competition between the Brazilian and Belgian national teams. Brazil's top player, Pelé, scored a goal against Belgium using the incredibly difficult bicycle kick.

We thought it would be appropriate to pay a tribute to the historic moment with an animation short.

Let's Celebrate Soccer

Interview with Garth Duthie

Head of Asset Creation at Still In Motion

Garth: In the very beginning, it was a play on concept of, "Do mannequins come to life after the store closes?" We wanted to soccer players playing against each other in a fun, dynamic way. Phil, our scene-assembly and compositing artist came up with the Pelé reference, which brought a great historic significance to the project.

Still In Motion: How about the gold leaf effect on the soccer ball and fracturing effect on the mannequin? That was a very cool touch.

Garth: Yes, we did that with Rayfire to have it break apart the mannequin and have the shed the metal flakes off of the ball. I did the modelling of the assets and special effects, while Phil handled the texturing, shading and lighting of the scene.

Still In Motion: What programs did we use? 

Garth: 3DS Max, Z-Brush, Adobe Creative Cloud, Rayfire 

Still In Motion: Awesome, thanks for sharing! 

Interview with Phil Ballard

Lighting and Scene Assembly Artist at Still In Motion

Still In Motion: You came up with the idea of the Pelé bicycle kick?

Phil: Pelé made the bicycle kick famous, and I'm a huge soccer fan. I felt it would be a great way to celebrate soccer with the animation.

Still In Motion: You and Tyler did the texturing for all of the mannequins and the soccer ball. We especially loved the look of the soccer-ball.

Phil: The idea behind the patterns came from looking at the texturing on different sculptures as well as product designs. Garth created the 3D texturing for the bottom of the shoe and the gold soccer ball in Zbrush. We wanted to break up the surface and create something more visually appealing. Using tileable maps we could control the repetition and scale of the patterns.

Still In Motion: Great! Thanks for sharing!

Let's Celebrate Soccer
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