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Get to know the Design Principals behind the Animation

Marketing teams can spend a lot of money hiring teams of photographers & cinematographers to capture shots, while a 3D Production studio can create the same photo-real results at a much more competitive price point. Plus, doing so saves companies the complexity and liability associated with a photo shoot. Additionally, 3D Animation can unlock possibilities that aren't feasible in a physical scenario. To create the same effect, they would have to composite visual effects into the physical shots later down the pipeline or spend large amounts on physical special effects. You gain access to a whole universe of creative possibilities without losing the precision and believably of physical cinematography.

This Private Jet promotional animation was born as to presentation to  a leading private jet manufacturer. They are known around the world for their prestige, quality and innovative spirit. We celebrate creative and technical achievement in our work, and it was only appropriate that we forge a connection.

This particular animation was very much product-centered, which 3D covers exceptionally well. We were able to give it a very serene, almost surreal look that a business jet inspires. It's an expression of elegance and tasteful simplicity. The clean, white light makes for a calming aesthetic. 


It takes us, as a team, about two weeks to deliver results like this.
As we say, we're your Digital Production Powerhouse.


Bringing Architectural Principals to the Animation

The core aesthetic behind the design was inspired by architecture.  The style of an executive jet is very commercial, clean and pristine. We held back on the glitz and glamour to create negative space for the Jet to occupy. The use of negative space presents the product in a striking and magnetic way. After all, when you're selling a $65 million dollar jet, you want your product to be the rock-solid center of attention. We made sure to make the shots as simple and powerful as possible. Simple, but not simplistic.

The Computer Graphics Perspective

The graceful look and feel we achieved lies in the visual composition. When you're layering the elements that make up a scene, there's a great deal of creative decisions to be made that can massively change the experience of the person watching it. There are a few central pillars of an effective 3D composition: the modeling, the shading, the lighting, the camerawork and the depth of field. You have to have an eye for how to achieve the exact result your client is looking for.

Great Camerawork is Essential

For the camerawork we specifically chose a wide-angle lens to amplify the architectural and commercial feel. This type of shot is common in modern cinema, for example in the Revenant. A lot of cinematographers use a lot of depth-of-field, but in this project, we wanted the wide-angle lens to stay consistent with the architectural theme. This project is a lot different from most of our work, where we focus on fancy visual effects and animation. This was more about clean, photo-realistic renders. We already cover a lot of territory like sportswear, fashion, jewelry and automotive, so this was a great opportunity to demonstrate our diversity.

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