Meet Garth, Head of Asset Creation

In this interview, Garth shares secrets to Still In Motion's class-A workflow and the benefits of working for a Pixel Pool company.
Garth Duthie, Head of Asset Creation

Still In Motion: What is your philosophy about working on projects?
Garth: The quality of the car usually comes down to the engine. If it's a crappy engine, then the whole thing is going to fall apart. No specialization is any important than the other, be it lighting, shading, materials or animation, but usually everything is dependent on the geometry or effect. A lot of companies have the philosophy, it doesn't matter how good the model is, just slap some lights on it and it will look good. That's true to a certain degree, but if you have a really good asset, it looks great. *Laughs*
Still In Motion: Tell us about your background.
Garth: I am originally from a town called Billings, Montana. I left there when I was eighteen, moved around the country for ten-odd years, down the west coast, over to the east coast and back the west coast. Now I'm back here on the east coast. Since I was eighteen, this would probably make my twenty-third move.
Still In Motion: Okay, wow, you've been all over.
Garth: Yeah, I spent a lot of my time travelling. I studied at the Art Institute in my late twenties, graduated and started working at Pixel Pool. (Still In Motion's parent company)
Still In Motion: Why did you start working at Pixel Pool?
a jacket Garth modeled for Eddie Bauer in 2015.
Garth: I used to model for video games, animations and products. I had a bunch of different offers from different studios, but I chose Pixel Pool for its philosophy on treating employees. You get full time benefits and don't have to worry about three-month contracts. A lot of companies are turn-em-and-burn-em studios where you can't really work your way to the top. I have friends that have been working at these companies for three years and still aren't classified as full-time employees, which means they don't get benefits, health care, paid time off or any of those other things. I fully feel like I made the right the decision.
Still In Motion: Tell us about your experience at Still In Motion.
Garth: I've made it what I want it to be. At the beginning, no one really did what I did, so I had a lot of authority my projects. I was one of the pioneers at bringing Unreal (Unreal Engine), Z-Brush and a streamlined workflow to the studio. We created the first interactive design project at Pixel Pool. We took what was working at Pixel Pool in Oregon and brought it here.
Still In Motion: Excellent. What software are we using?
Garth: Hahaha, it's quite the long list. We're using 3DS Max, Rayfire, Pheonix, Fume, Houdini, ZBrush, Topogun, Marvelous Designer, VRay, Cinema 4D, Maximo, After Effects, Fusion, Photoshop, Trapcode Suites and 3DCoat, That and list bunch of plugins that's far too long to mention.
Still In Motion: Thank you, Garth!

Garth: No problem!

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