“Organic Shoe” – Organic Rendering Techniques

"The Organic Shoe" Animation

Showcasing Organic Rendering and VFX Techniques

We wanted to showcase our 3D Animation abilities in a new, intriguing way. We asked our artists to produce an "Organic Shoe" Animation using almost exclusively procedural rendering techniques. The result for you is a dynamic, playful and totally unconventional approach to advertising a product. Whether you're a creative director, 3D artist or an appreciator of the visual experience, we're sure you'll enjoy the eye candy. Watch on!

Organic Shoe 1
Organic Shoe 2

Interview with Morgan & Brian

3D Artists and VFX Specialists at Still In Motion

Morgan: It was definitely an interesting development process. We wanted to share the diverse portfolio of effects we're capable of. It started out with a focus on creating organic, abstract shapes until we decided to base it all around the shoe. It came together in an unexpected way, with ideas like "Let's make the shoe almost entirely out of bubbles."

Brian: Almost everything was made in Houdini. Houdini is an almost entirely procedural program. It has everything that a standard 3D program has, like animation, keyframes, and modeling, but it's best used for creative procedural renderings. The workflow gives you a bunch of modules to piece together to get different results. It's like taking a bunch of Lego blocks and putting them together to create something fun. It was very much a creative and explorative process, finding innovative ways to integrate the abstract forms with the presentation of the shoe. 

Morgan: We made some cloth simulations, fluid simulations, a mandelbrot 3D fractal and a particle effect for ideas to turn into the shoe. With the abstract effects, we still wanted to give it an epic, cinematic look, so we used color-grading techniques to get it feeling right. The end-result is very different from the standard photo-real work we do, so this is a fun new direction for us.

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“Organic Shoe” – Organic Rendering Techniques
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