“The First Smart Shoe in the World” Premieres!

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We share with you "The First Smart Shoe in the World", our flagship animation!
Bernhard Rieder
Director Bernhard Rieder

"The 1st Smart Shoe in the World" is a visual and auditory experience of the finest caliber. Whether you're an enthusiast with an eye for a mind-blowing cinematic journey or a creative agency on the lookout for cutting edge 3D Design & Animation, we're positive this masterpiece will blow you away. Enjoy the show!

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Things go viral fast. Whether it's a video for your social media channels, Youtube, website or presentation, we solve your problem. Even better, 3D Production is much cheaper, affordable and simpler than having something filmed physically. We're here to tell your brand's or product's story in ways that capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

Interview with Director, Bernhard Rieder

Get a behind the scenes look at how we made the Smart Shoe experience.

The Biggest Challenge:

"The biggest challenge was  working with three artists only from the beginning. While we were working on this, we hired interns. This was a tough challenge, because I had to train everyone and we had to set up a workflow: How we model things, how we render things, how we composite and do visual effects. While I was directing, I was not only Director, DP, Storyboard Artist or CGI Supervisor. I had to fulfill additional multiple jobs at the same time. That was for sure my personal biggest challenge! So yes, teaching & training interns while applying the workflow in a startup animation studio environment was intense."

Smart Shoe by SIM

How we solved the Challenge:

"It takes a lot to do something like this. You need to establish a workflow and bring all of different software packages together. For the artist this can be a big challenge. Of course, the artist wants to be an artist and wants less to deal with the technical stuff. Sometimes bringing these software packages together can drive you crazy. [Editors note: This must be where the creativity comes from.]

However, in my opinion: The most important thing is the art, your drive and talent to bring all components together for it's final piece. You can always learn the technical skills, but it's much tougher to be good in the artwork: to have a specific vision and apply things so the art looks really good.

You need a strong fundamental knowledge on how to run & execute all those things simultaneously. It's the lighting, the shading, the modeling, the animation, the camerawork, scene assembly, etc. you name it. And all components have to be great. Even with the best modelling, without the right camerawork and all other ingredients, the whole thing falls apart.

It's an extremely teamwork-focused process."

The Creative Vision behind the Animation:

"The goal was to create an animation with an epic cinematic, feature-film look. The idea with the Smart Shoe was to create the dream shoe of the future that had all of these crazy fun features. I was always inspired by Back to the Future, the first part with Marty McFly, they had these really kick-ass shoes. I said hey, it's 2017, let's do something awesome. Why can't we come up with something totally futuristic and outlandish? Something crazy good? So we came up with the Smart Shoe, which had all of these fantastic features.

It's it's ultra light like a running shoe, but it's also bulletproof and waterproof. I always wanted was to have a shoe with built in AC and heating. If it's super hot or cold outside, you would want that, right? We integrated a flashlight plus full computer capability, a motherboard, a CPU, GPS-tracking and WiFi. It had a super-powerful fusion battery, anti-gravity technology, the whole spiel.  Yes, make it totally cool and ridiculous."

Smart Shoe Sketch


The Magic and Mastery behind 3D Production:

"We wanted to show people what we can do, even if we are small team! We are able to create epic cinematic animations. All of these things require a really solid workflow and a department that knows how to work together. As a Director, it's a challenge to bring your vision to the team and finally visualize everything you have in your head. For me, one of the most important parts is cinematography. Of course, lighting, shading, look and feel are very important, but also the role of a Director of Photography is essential for great pictures!

And that's where everything comes together. The goal is to make it feel like you're shooting with a real movie camera, choosing the right lens, the right camera angle, depth of field and make it look interesting for the audience... I like to build up some tension & curiosity.

VFX & the creation of our HURCANO

Fact is, that you need to bring a lot of craziness, talent, experience and confidence to that role. As a Director you are simple responsible for everything, with the final goal, to produce an outstanding piece that speaks for itself."

-Bernhard Rieder

Special thanks to the entire team for all their hard work & Maarten van Dooren, who makes everything at Still In Motion possible!

Sit back & enjoy our epic animation short!

Producer: Maarten van Dooren
Director: Bernhard Rieder
Art Director: Jason Gautier
Head of Asset Creation & VFX: Garth Duthie
Animation: Diony Lopez
Scene Assembly: Morgan MacLennan-Smith
Sound Design, Music Composer: Daniel Hoshor

"The 1st Smart Shoe in the World" Teaser Trailer

Watch the official teaser for the animation!


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